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Every team must provide two (2) relay volunteers who are at least 16 years of age or older. Volunteers must be physically capable to perform all of their assigned duties. We will provide a map of the course, marked with the locations of opportunities to volunteer. Relay volunteers will be responsible for choosing a locationRelay Volunteers are the backbone of the relay race and signing up for the shift on a registration site.

Teams who are having difficulties finding or are unable to provide one or more of their required two (2) volunteers may use our on-site volunteers for a donation.  A charitable donation shall be made to a designated charity that will provide the individual(s) to meet your volunteer requirement.  Checks for volunteers will be collected at the relay sign-in station.  All proceeds from relay volunteers go to charity.

The minimum donation for one (1) relay volunteer working a 6 hour shift is $120. This is an excellent opportunity for your team to make a charitable contribution! 100% of this money goes to the charity or group that fills your volunteer shift.

Contact us for more information and to request this service.

We ask that all volunteers complete a six hour shift, be prompt, and allow additional time for driving to their assignment.

We acknowledge the importance of our volunteers! Without a group of dedicated volunteers from the teams, this race would not be possible. We thank you in advance for your time in helping us make the Smoky Mountain Relay a successful and safe event.